Would you like to…

1. Be a docent on a history walking tour?

2. Set up historical exhibits at the Traverse Area District Library?

3. Help out at the archives under the supervision of Amy Barritt, special collections librarian (see her report in this issue for possibilities)?

4. Write an article about history or nature for the Grand Traverse Journal?

5. Explore ways of getting local history into the schools?

6. Serve as all-around helper with regard to tasks that must be carried out regularly—newsletters, mailings, or maintaining the website?

7. Attending TADL board meetings to let that board know we have a keen interest in maintaining the archives at the library.

8. Find ways to honor local businesses that pay attention to their history— awards, recognition in the newsletter and newspaper, etc.?

9. Provide transportation to members who may not wish to drive to meetings, etc.?

10. Participate in the publishing arm of the Historical Society in helping us to produce Bob Wilhelm’s last book, Then and Now?

11. Or…do whatever job you think would be useful to the Society?

Leave an email at contact@traversehistory.org if you are interested in doing any of these things. We can always use more help to preserve, protect, and present history!