TAHS Program: Reelecting Lincoln – The 1864 Presidential Election that Saved the Union

February 27th @2:00pm. Zoom platform — register here: https://www.tadl.org/event/traverse-area-historical-society-presents-reelecting-lincoln-the-1864-presidential-election-that-saved-the-union-zoom/

On February 27th at 2 pm, TAHS Board Vice President and Interlochen Arts Academy history instructor Brian McCall will present “Reelecting Lincoln” — The 1864 Presidential election that saved the Union”. As we have all seen in the past year, elections have consequences, and Abraham Lincolns’ bid for reelection was one for the ages. The fate of the Civil War resulting in Union victory and the future of slavery in the United States hung in the balance. With thousands of young men in camps or on the battlefields, Lincoln and the Republicans needed to find a way to count their votes to finish what the war had started–and the absentee ballots returned by soldiers favored Lincoln 3-1 over his Democratic opponent and former Union general, George B. McClellan. Brian McCall will cover the runup to the race and how Lincoln and his teams of skilled military leaders and political professionals turned the tide first on the battlefield and then at the ballot box. His victory sealed the fate of the Confederacy and ensured the death of slavery in America.